Do you have desk fees?
Only if you want a desk.
Will I actually be able
to talk to the Broker?
Yes. Broker is available between 8 A.M. and 7 P.M. to discuss transaction or new business questions, as well as for document review.
Do you provide training?

Yes! And the very best kind...

Part 1: We provide important document training and require you to be set up legally and professionally. It is an efficient, self-paced 2 - 5-hour set up which is designed to throw you into the transaction frying pan, well in advance of obtaining a customer, and come out the other side with real transaction experience.

Part 2: Broker will support you during your transactions to make sure you are doing everything possible to avoid potential legal issues as well as securing your client base. You will be able to perform as though you have all of Broker's experience behind you.

Part 3: Broker will discuss how to best obtain new business upon request, after your set-up is complete.

Do I need shadowing, mentoring, and/or coaching?
No. You need 100% broker support. Support from another agent probably won't be in your best interest. Your best support will be from someone whose license is at risk.
Will I be able to work at
the office?
Yes. However, you’ll quickly see how the broker office is 99.99% irrelevant to your business. You'll meet the client at the house during showing or listing. Agents who sign with us are already aware of this.
What are your mandatory fees?
Broker transaction fee.
Annual fee.
Do I have to sign up
with HAR?
Yes.  But don't you want to? TREC requires you to competently represent
your client; no other tool gives you the proprietary information you’ll need to fulfill that obligation.
How much is HAR?
It depends on your sign-up month. HAR prorates its annual membership. MLS fees are $60 - $95 every quarter. There is also an application fee and a refundable HAR orientation fee.
Do you have printing and scanning facilities?
No.  We are 100% paperless. You can still produce your paperwork the old fashioned way, but once you enjoy the paperless method, you won’t go back.
Do you have a conference room for meeting clients?
Yes. But 99.99% of agents don't have any use for it, since they meet buyers and sellers at the property.
Is E&O insurance included?
Yes. Our standard E&O covers arm’s length transactions.
Can I sell, buy, or lease
my own property?
Do you allow commercial transactions?
Can I use dotloop?
You may use the platform of your choice, however, Broker encourages you to learn and set up with zip form so you can make an “educated” decision. Zip form is also free with your HAR membership.
Do you maintain a list of service providers for agent use?
Do you provide leads?
Yes. But you have to be available 24/7 and office leads cost more.

Successful agents learn early on that they have to generate their own leads if they want to build a real business.

Broker will discuss many countless available lead generation venues and techniques after set up and by request and teach you how to capture your own.
Do you offer Company email?
Yes. There is an additional fee. The Company email is a custom google email and is virtually blacklist proof. Worth it.
Do you offer agent websites?
Yes. There is an additional fee.
Do you offer a CRM tool?
Yes. We offer several free third-party options. It is best to keep your CRM separate from your broker so if you leave, you can retain it. When you acquire a good number of clients, it is helpful to use a CRM.
Do you provide business cards?
Yes. Business cards are generated by the company. Business cards will be delivered to your home address.
Do you provide signs?
The company offers free sign panels with most commission plans and name riders, which are company-produced are available for a nominal cost. Sign frames are the responsibility of the agent, as well. Our standard frame is 18x24.
Are lockboxes included?
No. Our prices are currently too low to include Bluetooth lockboxes. They are available for purchase at HAR.
Can I design my own signs?
Yes. Keep in mind you will need Company approval before printing, to maintain brand continuity and to make sure legal requirements are satisfied.
Do you offer promotional materials?
We will soon offer postcard templates for a nominal fee.
When do I get paid?
If you have a sales transaction, you will receive a check at the closing table if you have uploaded all of your transaction documents and have submitted a commission disbursement authorization (CDA) by the deadline.
When do I get paid for
a lease?
If you have uploaded all of the transaction documents when a check comes in, you will be paid instantly through cash app for amounts under $2500. You will receive a check in the mail for larger amounts.
Is it ok to lie?
No. There is not a reason to lie to a customer, client, agent, or anyone, in the course of business. If you think you must lie, please contact Broker for help.
How long does it take to finalize sponsorship with JLP and officially be ready to sell?
It depends on you. Some agents have signed on, and in the same day, listed a property on the MLS.
How do I handle my current or withdrawn listings before I switch brokers?
Consult with us before terminating sponsorship with your current broker.
How do I get started?
Click the Join button from the JLP promotional email or contact Broker for the link.
Is there any reason
why I shouldn’t choose
J. Lindsey Properties?
Yes. If you want to keep less of your commission, pay for things you don’t need, and endure a substantial paperwork learning curve, you should choose another broker.
Do you have questions not covered here?
You can text (713) 566-1197 or email.